Laboratory of Metro Medical Center has goal of “right result to the right patient at the right time. We strive hard with a team of qualified, dedicated and efficient staff who help us to achieve our goal. The lab has high end automated machines for all the tests.Thus we are able provide rapid and accurate results.

Hematology, Biochemistry, Serology, Immunology, Clinical Pathology and Hormone Assays are done. All sections of the lab are equipped with fully automated analysers. We adhere strictly adhere to the quality assurance protocols in our processes. We have special packages with offers which will be made on special occasions.


Metro medical centre has a fully digital department comprising of Digital X ray, Digital dental X-ray and Ultrasound Scanning making the department virtually paperless and filmless.Our team of experienced and qualified consultant radiologist, orthopedic surgeon and radiographers will make you at ease, assisting the physicians towards the accurate diagnosis. We have both male and female radiographers to take X-rays. We at the Radiology section of Metro Medical provide outstanding clinical care in medical imaging and reporting with the help of current innovations and advances in the field.

An X-ray is a quick and painless imaging examination that uses low levels of ionizing radiation that can penetrate the body to produce images of the inside.

They are most often used to examine chest, bones and joints.


Children are not “small adults”. Pediatric department looks at children as a whole focusing on their physical, mental and social growth. Our Paediatricision take care of your children depending on their individual needs and demands.

Our Department offers the following services